Friday, September 11, 2009


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We are remembering the way our world was torn apart that day. And I'm looking at this photo and if you don't look at the towers can pretend that it's still a beautiful New York City morning, that friends didn't pass away, that planes don't slam into buildings, that people don't make impossible decisions, that it's just a movie, that it's just funny that they tried to blow up WTC like they did in 1993 and failed, that the world won't change from what you've always known it to be.

I want to mourn, but I'm so tired. Tired of the politics, tired of the fear, the sadness, the anger, the shame of making it through when others didn't...

And yet, we still live on to remember those who are gone - the firefighters, the policemen, the bankers, the porters, the cleaning ladies, the airplane passengers, the admins, the cooks, the residents, the people who couldn't run from the damage, and the people who helped you keep going when the bogeyman becomes real.

I can only wish that the city, the living breathing spirit of the city that is both flesh and steel, concrete and blood, can one day heal and will be avenged.

Goodbye, Juan.

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