Thursday, November 5, 2009

We Need To Talk About This

I had to come back to my blog, because you and I need to talk about this.

We Need To Talk About Mariah, People!

As my mom would say, "Whah day hell is she wearing?!"

Her new single for H.A.T.E.U. is coming, and she's shooting a video. Now I understand, she wants to bring her sexy back, it's on the beach, she's wearing Louboutins and her bathing suit, and...

Stop right there. See, this is were handlers, PR, the vanity machine that follows her are wrong. They know DAMN WELL she looks like hamhocks in her outfit. She isn't dressing for her body type. She looks BAD.

Not just feh, not just "oh, girl, maybe you want to sarong that," - SHE LOOKS BAD. She looks bad bad. She looks like she is a few months preguntos with a food baby. And what's worse is that it's easily fixed by just wearing a nicer, more flattering bathing suit. Like Mariah, I am no longer a skinny minnie, and that's ok. What's not ok is when you don't acknowledge this by wearing stuff that makes you look like bratwurst in the pool. And that's when it's no bueno, mami.

This also angers me because it's when celebrities, who have stylists who can help them, pull such stupidity in public, it's a trickle down effect. We go from Mariah doing this:

to this shit that the masses will perpetuate:

Thank you, In Hood Terms, for that lovely photo. That above could have been prevented if only Mariah had dressed with fit in mind, and not just trying to be sexy.

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  1. I saw these photos of Mariah maybe ten minutes before you sent the link to your blog. No, Mariah. NO. You are a beautiful shapely woman who, while crazy, is amazingly talented. Why are you distracting me from all of your fabulous traits with this abomination of a bathing suit? - Shephathiah