Tuesday, December 1, 2009


You know when you just have interesting interactions and/or observe some crazy shit?

1. Last night, I was on the phone with Target about my order (that I half canceled and will return when the rest gets here) and the rep kept saying "So you purchased a Merona...um, Badu top? An Ebony Badu top?" I'm on the phone like, what the hell is a badu top? Then I realized and (Lord forgive me) I said in my nice firm voice "It's a BAN-DEAU top. Ban.Deau. You can now say that to your friends and correct them since you learned this word. It's not Badu." I'm a fucking trick...but I was frustratical and shit. Yes, frustatical is the new word.

2. Today on my way to the subway, I saw a great dane the size of Sea Biscuit (the horse not Michael Phelps) who was wearing a full wool jacket. Like, a man sized wool coat with big buttons. The dog was walking like he was thinking "I don't like this coat, mommy. I can't raise my arms the way I like.." It was cute and sad all at once. I wanted to take a photo, but I think that would have been mean to the dog. He knew he looked silly.

3. I went swimsuit shopping tonight, and the loveliest woman helped me out. She got me from Down and Out in New York City to Showgirls. (ok, not really Showgirls, but I did feel great in my new pieces). And she thought I was so nice she gave me a 25% card to use at Macy's. She even said I was sweet - I NEVER GET CALLED THAT!!! :-)

4. I saw a real ridic looking fake (I think and I hope) LV bag. You be the damn judges on this one. I hope that Vogue article will help me in investigating that shit. I get the whole reasoning and idea of the knock-off, but either get a knock with plain, barely there accoutrements that aren't noticeable, or just buy the real damn thing. I'm posting the photo down below. I mean, from a far the bag is cute, but from anear things pop out at you. This photo is like a damn Highlights photo - "Which of these things don't belong?"

This is the first fake I thought, Damn, Wow. Damnwow.

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