Monday, May 18, 2009

Bloomberg Needs To Cayate His Boca, For Real

So with Earth getting the Swine Flu, Mayor Bloomberg decided to give a little conference on that shit. I'm very happy that our little mayor of Nueva Jork has learned spanish sufficiently enough to speak at press conferences, but then reality slapped me upside the head. I couldn't find that particular meeting, but here's another regarding the bomb ass landing of the plane in the Hudson. Take a listen beginning at the ten second mark:

What in the chingada tu madre is he saying?!?! I mean, I know what he's saying, but his accent! C'mon now - while I'm impressed with his dedication to learn, his accent is a big ole fail. He sounds like the people in spanish 1 class who not only can't do the accent...they won't even try. I think that's what bothers me about it. It sounds like he thought it was enough to learn the words. You gotta do the accent! And spanish is a beautiful language. Don't massacre it with your bootleg chinatown accent.

I also think English is the only language you can get away with speaking with any and all accents. Every accent in English sounds good to me. So, what say you, pedejos?


  1. I can't listen. 1. Because I'm in my glass office. 2. Because I am a scare. 3. I'm convinced I'm allergic to bad accents (see: GWB, Sarah Palin, Brad Pitt in "The Devil's Own", Tom Cruise in "Far and Away") - Shephathiah

  2. Then you will be scarred for life after hearing our mayor butcher Spanish.