Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bristol Palin Gives Me Morning Sickness

Bristol Palin is working the last nerve I have set aside for this type of silly shit. I actually saw this cover at Rite-Aid this afternoon and had a mini rant in front of my Latina cashier (sorry, Marisol) and a random white lady looking at candy. I saw this cover and proceeded to seethe loudly:

"Only in America can a white girl get knocked up at 16, pose for a photo with her baby in her high school cap and gown and be celebrated! SERIOUSLY?!"

The white lady next to me sighed and said "you're absolutely right."

Again I ask, seriously?!?!?! That cover is some bullshit. How are teen mothers generally portrayed? Young, scared and stupid. Girls of color with no head on their shoulders who can't close their legs. Rejects, losers and simple minded.

Yet I've seen Jamie Lynn Spears "rise to her responsibilities" and this dumb bitch Bristol Palin has the gall to be quoted on the cover as saying "If girls realized the consequences of having sex, nobody would be having sex. . . Trust me, nobody."


REALLY, Bristol.

Stank you smelly much for enlightening us all with your vast experience and knowledge. I'm especially grateful for the fact that you fail to mention any of the other options you had available since your parents are abstinence only education supporters, who are also anti-choice. So most likely, she wasn't using any kind of birth control, didn't know about or perhaps didn't have access to EC, and then once she was pregnant, just accepted her fate.

But I'm going to go out on a limb and say - Hey! Someone had to have told you that sex can lead to babies. And what do you know! There are books about it, and hold on now! You have options if you don't want to get pregnant but still have sex. There's even a toy to teach girls now -

The scariest thing about this cover, and what Bristol Palin represents, is the sheer ignorance in this vast country when it comes to sex and health education. That her mother was nearly the VP of the U.S. and didn't teach her own daughter about her options makes me ill...but not nearly as sick as I feel looking at another white girl being celebrated for her lack of awareness while girls of color are portrayed as sad statistics.

Can you IMAGINE the Obama girls getting into this kind of mess?! Please.

Read this article to see how teen pregnancy is for so many girls out there. Teen Pregnancy


  1. Because white girls keep their babies GOD and us coloreds just don't know any better. Also, terrorism. - Shephathiah

  2. Correction: White girls keep their babies FOR God. See - silly colored girl can't even get her sentence right let alone know how to raise no babies. Terrorism. - S