Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to All...Except Bad Fashion and Bloomberg's Spanish

Once upon a time, many many moons ago, I had a blog. It was 1994 and it was about the many men I was, ahem! dating.

Shut your mowf. I went on some dates. Most of them may have ended doing things only legal within marriage, but I definitely went to some dinners paid for by these guys. At least drinks!

Sometimes. Movin' on!

The blogging trend caught on across the earth (all because of ME!), but my first blog, lovingly written for all my friends across the country that I found hard to share my exploits with over the phone, was deleted. But that was many moons ago.

Friends urged me over the years to write another one, but due to time, crazier men, work, life, grief, love, whathaveyou, I haven't felt inspired to write a blog. There were the crazy work emails to distract me from the oppression of a crazy boss, but that, too, died down.

Then one day, the Met's Costume Gala 2009 was upon us, along with a host of very bad fashion. My soul stirred. Then my soul did the Wop, sang Protect Ya Neck and couldn't contain itself - the fashion was so excessively bad that I had to write about it...lovingly, fully engaged, as if I was possessed. And then the second sign from blog heaven appeared on NY1.

Mayor Bloomberg spoke Spanish at a news conference.

This, dear reader, is when I could not be contained. So for everyone who thinks I should have a blog - bottoms up, bitches. I am writing again.

The next post will be the email that started it all, and then the curious case of the Bloomberg Spanish is up next.

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